Delil’s Journey

Español STORYLINE Delil is the son of a Kurdish guerrilla fighter killed in combat. From his exile in Argentina, he decides to return to Kurdistan in order to confront his past. SINOPSYS Delil was born in Istanbul, he studied in Ankara, and in 2008 he landed in Buenos Aires with nothing on him. He was […]

Maize Daughters

Español STORYLINE A native midwife, immersed in the Mayan culture, transforms the process of bringing life to the world into a battle against gender-based violence.   SYNOPSIS Sandra (an Argentine exiled in Mexico) and Maria (a Tzotzil indigenous survivor of gender violence) work as midwives in the city with single women and in the Lacandon […]


A pair of young amateur astronomers use the power of star-gazing to re-awaken a Mexican community’s cultural past.