We are a young producer of the city of ROSARIO. Focused on the development and production of film projects; DOCUMENTARY, FICTION and TRANSMEDIA.
We integrate an interdisciplinary team with training and experience to tackle an audiovisual project from idea to completion. We seek to boost audiovisual production in the region by developing and producing quality content.


Director, screenwriter and editor. Founder of La ConjuraTV. He has participated in various counter-information projects, producing documentaries on human rights and social movements. Some of his works served as evidence of violations of human rights and legal proceedings against the State. Among other things he was the director of La Redonda (Miniseries fiction TDA 2014) Glances (documentary Al Jazeera English 2012) The Lines of the hand (Documentary Miniseries – Espacio Santafesino, 2013-2016).

Audiovisual Director, graduated from the Provincial Film School of Rosario (EPCTV). He has worked in different films and television series in the roles of production and first direction, from the year 2010 to the present. It was first of direction in Other Worlds (Miniseries fiction TDA, directed by Francisco Pavanetto, 2012). General and executive production of La Redonda (Miniseries fiction TDA directed by Alfonso Gastiaburo, 2014). First direction of Private Lives (from the film Fontanarrosa, directed by Gustavo Postiglione, 2017). She is currently the producer of the documentary Fall, rise, fall of Elad Abraham declared of interest by 2nd INCAA.

Producer and specialist in Transmedia Storytelling. Graduated from the International School of Cinema and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV), and graduated from the Provincial Film and Television School of Rosario (EPCTV), Argentina. Creator and producer of “Sharing Universes”, transmedia project in Sierra Maestra, Cuba (2015). He served as producer of several short films and advertisements. Together with Ana Taleb they are working as producers of the documentary fall, rise, fall of the director Elad Abraham declared of interest by 2nd way INCAA.